Life is like a box of…?

Here is the scoop on my latest project. I am creating gift boxes, and with the help of my wonderful husband, I now have some awesome pictures to share with the world!

The idea hit me when I was on a mad search for a jewelry gift box last Christmas, of course, due to the holiday rush—the stores were entirely sold out. I couldn’t very well toss earrings in a gift bag, and all the boxes I had at home were huge. Long story short, I ended up at a thrift store buying a few old Nordy’s boxes…that weren’t in the best of shape.

After some TLC and determination, I ended up with a pretty-darn-cute-little boxes. So CUTE in fact—that wrapping was optional, but most definitely not necessary! This made me wonder, I bet other people had the same problem I did, and really if you think about it, wouldn’t it be great if you could just buy a box, and not have to even wrap it at all? Maybe the box could even be set out? It could be a small conversational art piece! Even if the box is just a reminder of a gift well given, then that could be really special too!

So please, let me know what you think. I am excited about this, and I am so thankful to Stu for taking the beautiful pictures for me, they capture exactly what these boxes are about, friendship, love, surprises, memories…and faith. To see more from my honey go here:

Hopefully between my Marmee, and my friend Jennah—and all of your help, I can drum up some interest.



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  1. Oh my gosh Asha! These are so cute and such a great idea! I’m feeling so inspired by you 🙂

  2. VERY cute. I think you have a great idea going. God has blessed you with so much creativity!

  3. Ooops… great photography, too:)

  4. i think they are a darn adorable idea and you should keep it up!!!! I’d love em and I’m sure there are more out there that would too…start up an etsy account…and put some of your snazzy shoes on there too.

  5. i love how your flavor and style comes out in these! wonderful wonderful!

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